Our Mission

To Educate and Promote Responsible Pet Ownership. To Aid and Assist Pet Owners in need. In May of 1998 dog owners of Brunswick County NC united for the first time with a common goal. Within the first few years, BARK members formed a well organized pet therapy program under the certification of Therapy Dog’s Incorporated. BARK members visited the area nursing homes and schools, with success. These same pet therapy programs are still active in our area nursing homes, comforting the elderly and educating our children in the public schools system. BARK has organized many family-pet events in our area parks, educating, entertaining, and raising funds for the club’s Meals On Wheels 4 Pets program.

BARK and the Brunswick County Social Services Department for the elderly work together to feed Meals on Wheels cats and dogs each month. Today our club members are uniting with the community to implement dog parks for dog owners in our community to enjoy!