How can I help?


B.A.R.K. stands for Brunswick Area Responsible K-9 owners. We are a group of dog lovers that help other pet owners in our community. We have a well organized pet therapy team that visits weekly at local nursing homes. We work with the Department of Aging to feed the Meals On Wheels 4 Pets. Our program is called Meals On Wheels 4 Pets and has been active for a little over 9 years. We purchase cat, dog, and even bird food monthly. The pet food is bagged by our members at our monthly meeting. Our members then deliver the bagged food to the senior centers in Brunswick County. We just completed our latest project, a dog park at Shallotte Park in Brunswick County. We hope to build more dog parks in Brunswick County! This year our annual fund raiser, Strutt Your Mutt will be September 11th at Franklin Square Park, in Southport.


  • We welcome new members.
  • We need monetary donations for the Meals On Wheels 4 Pets program.
  • We need monetary donations to build more dog parks.
  • We can always use helping hands during the construction of the dog parks